• PFS Family Association


      The mission of the Friends.Cycle initiative is four-fold:

      1. STEWARDSHIP: to raise our children's' consciousness about PFS' core value of stewardship (and the circular economy, i.e., the fact that everything they wear, play with, eat and touch originated in nature, and before simply being thrown away, all of us should think about whether things can be re-used or recycled.)

      2. SELF-AGENCY: to provide our children with a means to be action-oriented and capable of positively contributing in support of stewardship

      3. COMMUNITY: to reinforce our children' sense of community (i.e., all of us are connected to one another at PFS, in our families, local communities, countries and the wider world). By selecting items to contribute to Friends.Cycle, our children are contributing them to someone else who may enjoy wearing, using, or having that item.

      4. PHILANTHROPY: to spark an interest in philanthropy and giving back; encouraging our children to feel a part of directly helping to build and contribute to their PFS experience. The money they raise will go toward the activities they enjoy at school, such as the Outdoor Education Center.

      To learn more about the circular economy, watch here.

      PFS Family Association Projects

      Let's be Friends!


      • Second Wed. of every month (except holidays)
      • Zoom link for meetings.
      • Note: if you are not on a computer feel free to call into our meetings at:  +[TBD]
      • Click here for meeting minutes
      • Contact:  Leanne White


      • On the first Wednesday of every month (usually), we make a dish that serves 8-12 and drop it off at the start of the school day. Food can be homemade or store-bought
      • Contact:  Nicole Scheller


      • Donate your gently used items here
      • Buy here, and proceeds will be donated to PFS
      • We also welcome online donations, whether one-time or monthly recurring.
      • Contact:  Elisa Liang

      WED. ZOOM (on hold)

      • Every Wed. @ 8:15 - 9:30 a.m. EXCEPT the 2nd Wednesday of the Month, which is reserved for the Family Association Meeting. No meetings during holidays.
      • Zoom link for meetings.
      • Note: if you are not on a computer feel free to call into our meetings at:  +1-646-558-8656, 5965978518# 
      • Trello Board link to an online "bookshelf" of resources, key docs and other materials of interest.
      • Trello Board link to a "Watching, Listening, Reading" collection.
      • Contact:  [TBD]


      • Princeton Common Ground (PCG) is a volunteer-led consortium of the parent associations of 16 local independent schools. PCG presents several innovative speakers each year intended to inspire, invigorate and inform. 
      • The events, which are free and open to the public, take place at a variety of venues within the member schools’ campuses and showcase current thinking on parenting, technology, education, health, and inspiration.
      • Click here for past & upcoming events
      • Contact:  Elisa Liang


      • Every time you purchase a gift card via the Raise Right App, PFS receives a percentage (up to 18%) of the total card value at no cost to you.
      • Shop from the comfort of your home for (instantly delivered) e-cards, or purchase from 250 retailers offering ship-to-home cards for a nominal fee.
      • Click here for more info
      • Contact:  [TBD]

      Will you join us in supporting PFS’s Outdoor Education Initiative?


      A student-designed and -constructed greenhouse will allow gardening classes to extend into the winter months and provide healthy food for the local food bank year-round.


      A fleet of bicycles and a storage unit will enable students to efficiently engage in off-campus research and place-based learning.


      An outdoor hub for daily Science instruction will provide student access to tools, gear, and technology to conduct research and experiments.


      Tensile coverings, landscaping, and additional seating will enhance an outdoor classroom space and provide an environment for rich instruction.